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Long Range Forecast for 2023

Bay Olympic is an Incorporated Society and the Rules are the governing document establishing the objectives and powers of the Club and the classes of membership and the process for the election of Club Officers.

The Officers of the Club are elected at each Annual General Meeting to form the Club Executive. The administration, management and control of the affairs of the Club is vested in the Executive. To assist with efficient operation of Club, safety of our members and provide clear communication the Executive has approved the following Policies:


  1. Code of Conduct: Bay Olympic has adopted the NZ Football Code of Conduct. The purpose of the Code is to encourage fair, ethical treatment of all persons and organisations that come under the umbrella of NZ Football. Download Code of Conduct Policy.

  2. Code of Ethics: Bay Olympic has adopted the NZ Football Code of Ethics which applies to conduct of football in New Zealand and in particular to illegal, immoral and unethical behaviour. The Code focuses on general conduct that has little or no connection with action on the field of play. Download Code of Ethics Policy.

  3. Health & Safety: 

    Download Health & Safety Policy.
    Hazard Register: Bay Olympic maintains a Hazard Register at the Clubrooms. If you would like to review this Register,

    Incident Reporting: ​please contact the Club Co-ordinator ( or the Football Operations Manager

  4. Concussion Policy: This Policy provides guidelines on cues, signs and symptoms of concussion. Download Concussion Policy.

  5. Child Protection Policy: Bay Olympic has adopted the NZ Football Working with Children Policy. Download Child Protection Policy.

  6.  Anti-Harassment Policy: Download.

  7. Privacy Policy: Download.

  8. Payment of Fees and Fee Refunds: Download

  9. Apparel and Apparel Sponsorship: Download

  10.  Tournament Entry and Funding: Download.

  11.  Fundraising: Download.

  12.  Turf Rules: Download.

The adoption of these Policies was approved by the Executive on 29 September 2021. These Policies will be reviewed annually.

Bay Olympic Executive Committee

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