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Bay Olympic Football Club is proud to celebrate the following people who have been recognised with Long Service Awards.

Tony Andrews

David Downing

Vic Larnder

Annette Ockleston

Linda Mellor

Debbie Apanui

Kristine McGregor

Rick de Vries

Rick Segedin

Dave Mellor

Verne Russell


Left to Right; Rick Segedin, David Mellor, Rick de Vries, Tony Andrews, Vic Larnder & Dave Downing.


Tony Andrews Honoured by Auckland Football Association. Tony was amongst six dedicated football volunteers who were honoured for their outstanding service to the game when they were awarded with Auckland Football Federation Long Service Medals at a function at Onehunga Sports’ Waikaraka Park clubrooms.

Tony was one of the founders of the Green Bay Titirangi Soccer & Sports Club in 1972 and served two stints as secretary before becoming a life member in 1982.

After the club merged with Blockhouse Bay to become Bay Olympic, he became Chairperson of the club’s Junior Committee from 1998 to 2001 and currently sits on the executive committee, a role he began in 2003.Tony is currently Chairperson of the Bay Olympic football committee, is also the club’s match-day programme editor, match-day announcer and after-match speaker.

Auckland Football Chairman Mike Loftus and CEO David Parker presented the six recipients with medals and certificates to mark their extended contribution to the sport they love.

David Parker said it was a fitting to time honour the next batch of Long Service Medalists given the current publicity wave football is riding after a number of strong performances by New Zealand sides on the international stage. “Given the tremendous service by the six newest Long Service Medalists, any time would be a good time to highlight what they’ve done for our game,” Parker said. “But to be able to thank them all publicly for their contribution to our sport at a time when we are experiencing a boom in publicity and performance internationally is very pleasing given their respective roles in that success.”


Honoured by Auckland Football Federation. David was one of six volunteers that were presented with an Auckland Football Federations Long Service Medal at Mt Smart Stadium's John Walker Lounge. Auckland Football Federation Chairman Mike Loftus and CEO David Parker presented the six recipients with medals and certificates to mark their extended volunteer contribution.


David Parker was proud to have been able to acknowledge their individual contributions to football at a boom time of the sport. "It is fitting that we are able to highlight the work of some of our most dedicated volunteers during a period where our sport is riding the crest of a wave," Parker said. "A large part of that momentum is provided by the fantastic volunteers we have involved in our game and we thank all six of our latest medallists for their outstanding commitment to the sport they love.


David began his association with his club in 1982. He coached his son’s 8th grade midget team in 1984 and since that time he has filled a number of roles with the club including coach, manager, executive member, senior chairman and a grounds man among many others. David was an integral part of the group that worked towards the amalgamation of Green Bay Titirangi and Blockhouse Bay that saw the birth of the club he’s still serves – Bay Olympic.


Over the last few years, David is the behind the scenes organiser for senior teams, manages his son Andrew's team and by taking care of Crum Park, David was a big influence in getting Waitakere City Council to upgrade the park ahead of other council projects.

VIC LARNDER - July 2011


Vic Larnder honoured by Auckland Football Federation. Vic was amongst six dedicated football volunteers who were honoured for their outstanding service to the game. They were awarded with Auckland Football Federation Long Service Medals at the Eleventh Annual General Meeting of AFF held at the John Walker Lounge, Mt Smart Stadium, Penrose. Chairman Chris Wilson presented the medals and said; "Vic joined the Green Bay Titirangi Soccer Club in 1983 and spent many years coaching midget and junior soccer.


In 1986 he became a member of the Green Bay Titirangi Committee and with his engineering background became the club’s fix-it-man, a job he still does for Bay Olympic in 2011. Vic spent many years coaching and managing senior women’s teams and he was made a Life Member of Green Bay Titirangi in 1997, this automatically making him a current Bay Olympic Life Member. He was a member of the Bay Olympic Executive Committee for many years and also served for many years on the club's Senior Committee. In 2007 was elected as one of six Bay Olympic Trustees."


Annette Ockleston Honoured by Auckland Football Federation. Annette began her association with her Green Bay Titirangi United club 30 years ago in 1981 - holding the position of Secretary until 1984, President from 1984-1985, plus two other stints as Secretary.


A tireless volunteer, she gave her time in all manner of club business including fundraising roles and became a Life Member of Green Bay Titirangi in 1986. An integral part in establishing Bay Olympic Soccer & Sports Association - the amalgamation of Blockhouse Bay Soccer & Green Bay Titirangi – Annette was a member of the Executive Committee of the new club and also served as its Secretary while holding the same position for Green Bay Titirangi United.


She has also held the position of Bay Olympic Treasurer and is also a current Trustee of the club. Auckland Football CEO David Parker says Wednesday’s group of award winners are shining examples of the strong volunteer base on which the game in Auckland is built. “The remarkable stories of all seven recipients provide a wonderful insight into the nature of volunteers in our sport,” Parker said. “Without their outstanding dedication over a prolonged period, football in our federation simply would not be in the position it sits today." “On behalf of all footballers in the Auckland area I thank our latest group of Long Service Medallists for their fantastic contribution to the sport they love.”

LINDA MELLOR - July 2013

Linda Mellor Honoured by Auckland Football Federation. Auckland Football CEO David Parker says Tuesday’s group of medallists serves as a shining example of the character of the volunteer base of grassroots football. “With each group of medallists we recognise, we are reminded of the wonderful impact that our passionate volunteers have on our game. Without them, we would simply not be able to function,” Parker said. “The stories of the individuals described on Tuesday are truly remarkable and, on behalf of everyone connected to the game in our Federation, I thank our latest group of Long Service Medallists for their contribution to our sport."


Linda’s association with Bay Olympic goes back to well before the amalgamation of the Green Bay-Titirangi and Blockhouse Bay Clubs in 1998. Over the years her involvement has covered all aspects within a Football Club. Whether being a supporting parent, manager, coaching the “Small Fries” (beginners group), or playing in the Green Bay-Titirangi Women’s Team, Linda has always given one hundred per cent to the job in hand.


Linda became involved with the Green Bay Committee for the first time in 1988 when she was elected Treasurer and held that position for four years. This was followed by a spell as Secretary. In 1995 she was made a Life Member in recognition of her efforts on behalf of the Club. After a short break away, Linda returned in 2005 to take up the position of Bay Olympic Club Secretary. Linda is employed as part time Club Coordinator 3 days a week organizing our approximately 1,000 Junior/ Youth and 180 Senior members. This was not enough for this workaholic, and she also became Club Manager in 2005. This involves organizing everything about the club house, including running and helping at the bar and at functions etc. On top of this she has returned to coaching the “Small Fries” group every Saturday morning during the season. Linda has also recently been accepted as the Bay Olympic representative on the Waitakere United Board.

DEBBIE APANUI - November 2013

Debbie Apanui Honoured by Auckland Football Federation. Debbie Apanui played for Oratia United as a junior player, moving to play Women’s football for Green Bay/Titirangi Soccer in 1996/1997, followed by a short period of time off to start a family.


2002 saw Debbie back in the folds of Football as a youth team coach & a member on the Senior Social Committee for Bay Olympic carrying on through to 2006 when she and her family spent 18 months in Spain due to her partner’s involvement with the America’s Cup campaign. As typical of Debbie her passion for football never waned in Spain, spending her spare time there coaching all the Kiwi kids. Returning from Spain saw her again back with her favourite football club, Bay Olympic, with her hands up again to be an age group Convenor, Women’s Representative on the Executive Committee, Social Committee Member & just a good all round helper at the Club.


Debbie has continued with the above positions right through to present day, but as always she seems to be able to find more time to help out and over the last three years she has been the Club’s WOFP Coordinator at Parrs Park making sure everyone gets to enjoy this new football program and for the last two years being the 6th to 9th grade Club Convenor. As well as doing all the above Debbie, single handedly, organises collection of all the previous year’s senior club trophies, requests nominations from team manager’s for the current years recipients, organises all the trophies to be delivered & collected from the engraver, as well as setting up prize giving night with a little bit of help from her volunteer club friends.

KRISTINE McGREGOR - November 2013

Kristine McGregor Honoured by Auckland Football Federation. It’s usually an association that warrants being a volunteer, so as with many volunteer’s Kris McGregor came to Bay Olympic due to her first son wanting to play football as a 4 year old, followed 2 years later by her second son. This was the start of her, at present, 10 year association with Bay Olympic as a volunteer.


For the first few years Kris helped the then Junior Coordinator with registrations, team selections etc. Following this initial start, Kris eventually took over the Junior/Youth Coordinators role within the club, organizing yearly registrations, newsletters, muster days, photo nights and prize giving’s for our approximately 1,000 players, of which she is still responsible for each year. Kris keeps the Junior/Youth database up to date, for AFF registration records etc. and so we can trace players that are due for 10 year club playing medals. As well as doing all the above Kris stepped up to be the Club Treasurer in 2009, since then she has set up the MYOB accounting package and fined tuned our accounting systems to the level required by our new Auditor.


Recently Kris prepared our Policies & Positions Descriptions to the standard that earned Bay Olympic the New Zealand Football Quality Developing Club Mark, therefore making Bay Olympic the first club in the Auckland Football Federation, and the 4th club in New Zealand, to achieve this award. Kris’s knowledge in respect of Youth football gained an invitation from the Auckland Football Federation for her to join the grading committee for 12th grade players this season. Her professionalism is of the highest standard and is a valued asset to Bay Olympic.

RICK DE VRIES - November 2013


Rick de Vries Honoured by Auckland Football Federation. Rick de Vries began his voluntary involvement with Green Bay/Titirangi Soccer in 1993, coaching his son Shane’s team for the next 10 years. In 1996 he joined the Junior committee and remained in that position until 2002. After the amalgamation of Green Bay/Titirangi & Blockhouse Bay into Bay Olympic in 1997/98, Rick became Coaching Co-ordinator for 4 years, contracting top coaches - Ricki Herbert (future All Whites coach), Habib Makvandi and others to take preseason coaching and grading for 9th to 17th grade players.


Rick organized coaches to go to coaching courses and established a database for recording coaches and their coaching qualifications. Rick joined the Bay Olympic Executive Committee in 2005/06, becoming Vice Chairperson in 2006. He then became Chairperson for 6 years - 2007 to 2013, and was made a Life Member in 2007. Over this period Rick has been instrumental in making submissions to long and short term Council Plans regarding improvement of grounds, establishing required ground use for Bay Olympic, as well as liaising with Council, designers & electricians in establishing the new changing room/toilet block at Crum Park. While Chairperson Rick created draft policies, position descriptions & employment contracts. These have recently been fined tuned by the Club Treasurer for use in Bay Olympic becoming the first Auckland Football Federation club, and 4th in New Zealand, to receive the New Zealand Football Quality Developing Club Mark, recently presented to Bay Olympic by New Zealand Football.


Rick was a member of both the clubs Sponsorship/Funding & Financial Committees, being instrumental in making sure the club stayed solvent by consistently making specific funding applications for required equipment & salaries each year. Rick either completed the applications himself or supplied relevant info/quotes etc. so the Club Secretary could finalize the applications. As well as the above, Rick undertakes electrical and maintenance work at the clubrooms. Rick received a Sport New Zealand Sporting Acknowledgement Award at The Trusts Sport Waitakere Excellence Awards 2013 ceremony. 

RICK SEGEDIN - October 2014

Honoured by Auckland Football Federation. Rick joined Green Bay-Titirangi United, one of the founding clubs of Bay Olympic, in 1992 when his son Ivan began playing football. Rick has been involved in managing and helping coach teams over many years Rick was also on the Bay Olympic Senior committee for many years and was on the Bay Olympic Executive committee from 2002 to 2007.


He then became a Trustee, a role he still fulfils. Rick was a member of the Parks committee and, with a background in the practical aspects of playing field development, played a key role in advising and helping keep the fields Bay Olympic uses in good condition. This also involved playing an active part in designing the new, modern four-team changing rooms and toilet complex at Crum Park and overseeing the installation of a new path up to field three at the ground, replacing the inadequate stairs. Always happy to give up his time, Rick is a regular at working bees and lends a hand in setting up the Olympic Park field for premier and reserve team games throughout the season. Rick became a life member of Bay Olympic in 2010.

DAVE MELLOR - October 2014


Honoured by Auckland Football Federation. Dave joined Green Bay-Titirangi in 1985 when his son David-John (DJ) came home from school one day and announced he wanted to join the football club his friends belonged to. This led to Dave becoming involved in coaching at the club, as well as being an active participant in fundraising events through to 1992. A break then occurred until 2004 when DJ came back to play football once again, this time with the newly-formed Bay Olympic.


As well as supporting DJ and his team, Dave became the club’s maintenance man, doing any odd jobs needed and helping with working bees. He had a stint on the executive committee for three years from 2007 and was made a life member of Bay Olympic in 2010. He gained his bar manager’s licence a couple of years later so he could help out behind the bar and, for the last seven years, has also coached the Bay Olympic Small Fries programme for under-five players with his wife Linda.


Every Saturday morning during the winter, he can be seen at Olympic Park from 8am setting up the fields, followed by an hour of coaching, having fun and bonding these new players to the sport and club he loves. Two of his grandsons have already participated in the Small Fries programme and another two are due to follow over the coming years.

VERNE RUSSELL - October 2014


Honoured by Auckland Football Federation. Verne began a long relationship with Blockhouse Bay Soccer Club playing in the Over 30’s before the club amalgamated with Green Bay Titirangi United Soccer Club to become Bay Olympic Soccer and Sports in 1998.


In 2002 Verne joined the Bay Olympic Executive becoming Vice Chairman over 2003 and 2004 and Club Chairman over 2005 and 2006. With founding Bay Olympic President Ross Clow, Verne played a role in the formation of Waitakere United, with Waitakere City and 10 other local clubs in 2004. He was Bay Olympic’s representative on the Waitakere United executive for 2 years.


Verne became a Bay Olympic Trustee in 2006, a role he still holds to this day, and became a life member of Bay Olympic in 2007. Verne continued in Over 30’s football, until his late 40’s, as player/coach. He also coached during this time and mentored the teams of his son Dylan through the grades. He became assistant coach to the reserves in 2012 and late 2013 took over as reserve coach for the rest of 2013 and 2014. Verne is active on the Social Committee helping organise, and has been the compere at, many memorable events.

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