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Football Referees


If you are a football referee, particularly a Bay Olympic Club Based Referee, we thank you for the contribution you are making to football and to our members. Football will always need referees and we really appreciate what you do.

Bay Olympic endeavors to provide support for the development of referees as much as possible and we work closely with the Auckland Football Federation, promoting their pathways for development.

The following outlines are some of the courses offered by Northern Region Football Federation. For course dates click here.


Club Based Referee Course

The Club Based Referee Course is the first step on the referee pathway and is designed to give a brief introduction to the Laws of the Game for those who are looking to assist their clubs and teams by refereeing matches if and when they are needed.

The course involves two theory sessions (approximately six hours in total) and a multi-choice test on the Laws of the Game. Participants need 70% to pass the test. Successful participants will receive an official Club Based Referee shirt and a certificate from New Zealand Football.

Level 1 Referee Course

The Level 1 Referee Course is the second step on the referee pathway and teaches participants the basic fouls, movements and Laws of the Game.

The course takes approximately 10-12 hours (usually over four nights) and involves classroom work including group discussions as well as practical sessions.There is a test on the Laws of the Game and participants need to reach 70% to pass.

Level 1 referees become part of the Northern Region Football Federation Referees and are appointed to AFF matches from AFF Premier League and below. 

Level 2 Referee Course

The Level 2 Referee Course is the third step on the referee pathway designed for intermediate referees who have passed the previous course and have 20 matches and/or one season of refereeing experience at Level 1 certification.

The course is designed as a series of modules that can be conducted over a flexible time-frame. It covers topics such as assistant referees, communication, fitness, positioning and movement and risk management while focusing on Laws 11 and 12.

The course work revolves around group discussions, presentations and small sided simulations.

Candidates are evaluated with a 33-question oral test and if successful, a fitness test and, if successful, two field tests.

Level 2 referees will be eligible to control Lotto NRFL, National Youth League and National Women's League matches.

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