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Senior Community Football Starts!

With most of our senior teams playing at home, Olympic and Crum Park are going to be a hive of activity. The bar and kitchen will be open at Olympic Park.



Div 2 Masters - Clowns v Bay Johnny Utahs - Olympic Park 1pm

Div 3 Vets - Terriers v Metro - Crum Park 3pm

Div 4 - Masters Cobras v Eastern Suburbs - Olympic Park 3pm

Div 5 Vets - Misfits v West Coast Rangers - Crum Park 3pm

Div 6 - Bay Olympic Ice M4 v Bay Olympic Mavericks M4 - Crum Park 1pm

Div 10 - Saints v Auckland United - Crum Park 1pm


Womens Conference - Bay Olympic v Onehunga Sports - Olympic Park 1pm

Div 3 - Bay Olympic Royals - Bye


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