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Green Bay Physiotherapy are coming to Olympic Park!

Bay Olympic community… The team at Green Bay Physiotherapy are coming to Olympic Park!

Coupled with our relationship with the Premier sides at the club we are excited to tell the members we are taking on a more permanent fixture at the home of the mighty Bay.

So to take a moment to introduce ourselves. Damian, Andrew and Dan are heading down to Olympic Park at the conclusion of the FIFA Women’s World Cup qualifying tournament. Between us we have over 35 years of sports physiotherapy experience, helping a variety of athletes return to competition, or moving well through life-ranging from national level to weekend warriors.

As excited as we all are seeing the grounds/Clubrooms take shape for the season ahead it has meant that we must postpone our original start date, in the meantime however you can find us just small 2-3min drive along portage road at the start Green Bay.

Everyone’s physio journey is different, so if you’re stuck with an existing problem, maybe a new one has sprung up, or if preseason has arrived earlier than expected-Give us shout down at the clinic. We would love to see if we can help.

Stay Happy, Healthy-Look forward to seeing you on the Field soon.

Damian, Andrew and the team at Green Bay Physiotherapy

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