2022 coachES & MANAGERS INFO

As a Coach or Manager we ask that you please share as much information as possible with the parents in your team. Aside from the Club, you are their next main point of contact for all information pertaining to their child's development and football involvement overall.

Remember - Club loyalty, team discipline, communication and respect for officials and referees and appreciation of Club officials and volunteers.

Wishing you all the very best this season and a big thank you from Bay Olympic and our young players for your commitment to developing them to be the best football players possible.

Cancellations & Ground Changes

Are received by 4pm Friday from NRF via email to the Club - this confirms Ground Changes have been posted on the NRF website. Bay Olympic will only post updates on the Club website and social media channels in the event of cancellations. Please visit the NRF website www.northernregionfootball.org.nz on a regular basis to find any changes that may affect your team, we recommend even first thing on a Saturday morning just in case of an overnight change. Click on Competitions, and then utilise the drop-down menu to find your grade, team and correct fixture.



Please refer to the NRF website for other football resources.

Game Day Team Cards Replaced by Catalogues

​Team Catalogues, similar to Master Cards of the past. All grades, U9 to U19, are required to have their Team Catalogue with them for each fixture. Teams, both Home and Visitor, can request to see your Catalogue should a player’s eligibility come into question. Your catalogue can be accessed by using your Friendly Manager log-in.

Match Day Line-up

ALL teams U13 and up are required to enter a Match Day Line-up IN COMET (as per Reg 14) at least 30 mins prior to the game start. The Club will create a login for you with an invitation to access your teams’ information - the process is fairly straightforward, it is recommended that you take time to review the process in case you have any questions.

Misconduct Fines

Youth players do not receive misconduct fines but do receive copies of any cautions and/or suspensions. Team Managers will be notified if players have received cautions and/or suspensions.


Player fees are split 3-ways between NZ Football, Auckland Football Federation and Bay Olympic. Our Club needs to fundraise to regularly upgrade training equipment and to focus on player development through having a Director of Football. You may be asked to support fundraising initiatives throughout the season communicated to you through newsletters, social media channels and direct e-communications.


Please use common sense when using School or Council fields and only use the pitch that has been allocated to you through the Club. If there has been heavy rain prior to your training or if the fields are closed, then cancel training. Players’ skills will not improve if they train on fields that are just mud - even though they may love it, it will not enhance our relationship with either the Schools or the Council. If the weather has been unduly bad then please contact the school where your training is booked to ensure fields are still open.


Training on CLOSED Council grounds or on grounds that are not able to cope may cause the closures on Saturdays resulting in Club Teams not playing games. If in doubt, please visit www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz. Click on Parks  /  Recreation & Facilities  /  Sports  /  Sports Fields Closures. Enter your Field / Park, then click Search. Alternatively, phone Auckland Council Call Centre on 09 301 0101 and ask for an update on your training field. 


Green Bay High School, Green Bay Primary & Kaurilands School

- are not available for use by any Bay Olympic teams -

Premiership / Metro / Conference Kit Care

It is Club Policy that any gear or kit provided to these teams stays with one person. That person is responsible for all aspects: washing and distributing before and collecting at the end of each game. Please do not give shirts out to individual players for the Season. This reduces the life of the shirt - please wash only in cold water and never in the dryer.

Posts, Nets & Portable Goals

On Crum Park, Olympic Park and Blockhouse Bay Reserve #1 (Rathlin Street) the Junior / Youth smaller goal nets will be located onsite for the season. It is the responsibility of each team to be aware of who puts the posts and / or goals up and who takes them down. If there isn’t a team waiting to take the field after your game has finished then it is your responsibility to take posts and goals down.

To confirm if your team is the first to play on a field go to www.northernregionfootball.org.nz click on Competitions. At Crum Park, a listing of the fixtures for the day will be posted on the side of the Changing Room building. This will indicate which team is responsible for goals etc. both putting up and taking down.


Full-size nets for Blockhouse Bay Reserve #1 (Rathlin Street) and #2 (Terry Street) are stored and available to pick up from the changing sheds at the Rathlin Street field. The first team playing at the field each day will need to put the nets up, and the last team will take them down and return them to the changing rooms at Rathlin Street.


Full size nets for Eastdale Reserve can be collected from the Club on Thursday evenings between 7.30pm - 9.00pm or during the week, office hours. Please call ahead on 09 826 3041. They must be returned Saturday afternoon after your game to the Clubrooms.


Portable Goals, it is the responsibility of each team to be aware of who puts the posts out & nets up and who takes them down. This applies to all teams whose grades play with half-size goals at Crum Park, Olympic Park & Rathlin Street.


If your team is scheduled to play at Crum Park or Olympic Park the goals will be unlocked. If you are the last Youth team to play on the Crum Park turf or grass, please put the goals away immediately so that the senior teams are not left to manage this prior to the start of their games.


If your team is scheduled to play at Rathlin Street - the goals and changing rooms will be unlocked and ready to access.

Alternative Strip

Required if your team are playing the following opposition clubs away -


Western Springs / Onehunga Sports / Hibiscus Coast / Tuakau / Drury / Oratia / Three Kings


Strip can be collected from the Club during office hours only and on Thursday nights between 7.30 and 9pm by prior arrangement only. Please call 09 826 3041 to confirm a time. Strip is to be returned (washed) by the following Wednesday during office hours.

FIFA Laws of the Game - REMINDER

Law 4 - The Players Equipment, the basic compulsory equipment of a player comprises the following separate items:

  • Shirt

  • Shorts

  • Shinguards

  • appropriate Footwear (no metal sprigs)

  • Socks - if tape or similar material is applied externally, the tape must be the same colour as the sock it is applied to

NRF Police Check Form

The Executive Committee of Bay Olympic Soccer & Sports Association has agreed to voluntary Police Checks for all their Junior & Youth Coaches as part of the New Zealand Football Quality Mark program.


If you have not already, please complete a Police Check form if you are a Coach, Asst. Coach or manager (or if you have anyone else in your team who will be coaching players) and return it to hq@bayolympic.co.nz these will then be forwarded to the NZ Police for a security check.

Federation Information

  • The NRF website is in operation for delivery of football-related information to our network – www.northernregionfootball.org.nz. This website will replace the previous AFF and NFF sites in operation.

  • NZ Football advises the following hygiene requirements for all clubs and participants are:

    • All participants should regularly wash and dry their hands, or if not possible use hand sanitiser, before and after an activity.

    • You should continue to cough or sneeze into your elbow and avoid spitting, or similar actions.

    • Sharing of equipment should be minimiSed where possible.

    • Sharing of water bottles and food should be avoided.

  • Please review Regulation 9.4 for postponements etc.

  • Grading – fluid grading is in place for U9 to U12 this season. If you as a coach feel your team is in the wrong division, please contact your club to assist with movement.

Coaching Courses Available through NRF


NZF Junior Level 1 Coaching Award & F4F 11+ Kids

  • Perfect for those looking to improve their coaching and t develop their knowledge and understanding of how to work effectively with junior players aged 4-12 years. Looking at both the ‘How’ and ‘What’ of coaching junior footballers through an interactive and practical approach, as well as providing a comprehensive resource for coaches to take away and use with their players.

NZF Junior Level 2 Coaching Award

  • This coaching award provides coaches with an opportunity to further develop knowledge and understanding of both practical and theoretical aspects of coaching junior players in the Discovery (4-8 years) and Skill Acquisition (9-12 years) Phases.


 Dates TBC for the following courses:

  • Youth Level 1 Coaching Course - 13 to 18 year olds

  • Introduction to Goal Keeper Coaching Course - 6 to 8 year olds


Please note: ALL candidates must have achieved a Level 1 Accreditation on the Junior / Youth / Senior Pathway before they are able to register for any Level 2 Modules / Coaching awards. This is a 4-week course and participants must attend all sessions.

U9 to U19 Results

Results must be submitted no later than 9.00am Monday following the weekend of your game.

Team Nights

During the season if your team would like to plan a get together at the Clubrooms on a Saturday afternoon or evening then please contact the Club on 09 826 3041 or by emailing hq@bayolympic.co.nz to book a table.


Vital for any player whether big or small, so one of the most important parts of a player’s day is breakfast. Water (hydration) should be consumed before, during and after playing periods with chocolate milk being an ideal afterwards supplement. Fruit, lollies and chocolate will help energise players, especially at halftime. Oranges & Powerade are not ideal to give to young players. If given Powerade should be diluted to 1/3rd Powerade to 2/3rds water. Creamed Rice is an ideal dietary supplement product for developing players.


Nutrition References



Fielding Unregistered Players

Under NO circumstances are any teams allowed to field unregistered players, to do so could compromise your results ie. loss of points and/or fine. If you require more players or are short of players for a specific game please contact hq@bayolympic.co.nz

Coaching Ideas – we encourage all coaches to visit the following websites:







Health & Wellness Information

Steps to take if player is injured on the field -

  • Evaluate the Injury - each injury should be treated individually. While concussions seem mild among head injuries, they can be very serious. This is especially true if a player suffers from a number of concussions over a short amount of time. It can also be dangerous if a player does not get proper medical attention when an injury occurs. It is important to have someone knowledgeable evaluate the injury and determine if medical assistance is needed.

  • Get the Player off the Field – if a serious injury has occurred, it may be tempting to get the player immediately off the field to allow the game to continue and for the player to receive medical attention. Depending on what the injury is, you may however want to take your time completing this task. Let the player sit for a moment while everyone else takes a break. If they can get up and walk on their own, you can allow it. Otherwise, seek help/medical help to transport the player to a safer spot.

  • Prevent Further Injuries – consider how to prevent another injury of the same nature. You can educate your players on the safe ways to conduct a certain play or movement. Help everyone understand why safety is so important moving forward.


How you respond to an injured player on your team can greatly affect their outcome with recovery. Make sure that you take the time needed to assess what is going on in order to figure out how to properly treat the injured person. Though the game might be paused when a player is injured, it’s important to remember that health and safety in sports should be the first priority. Through taking these three steps, you can help to ensure that an injured player is properly and promptly taken care of.

Injury Notification

Notify the club of all significant injuries - contact us as soon as you are able after the incidence has occurred and the patient is in a safe and comfortable place. You can email hq@bayolympic.co.nz if the injury is of a minor nature. If it is greater than this please call the Director of Football on 027 554 4203 to advise of the injury as per the above.

Concussion - Club Policy & Guidelines

Concussion should be suspected if ONE OR MORE of the following signs, symptoms or problems with memory are present:

(1) Visible clues of suspected concussion (one or more) -

  • loss of consciousness or responsiveness

  • lying motionless on ground or slow/unsteady when getting up

  • unsteady on feet/balance problems/lack of coordination

  • clutching of head or neck

  • dazed, blank or vacant look

  • confused in general

(2) Signs and symptoms of suspected concussion (one or more) -

  • seizure/convulsion

  • balance problems

  • nausea or vomiting

  • drowsiness

  • irritability

  • change in emotional state

  • feeling of sudden fatigue

  • nervous/anxious

  • memory problems

  • headache

  • dizziness

  • vision problems

  • neck pain

  • difficulty concentrating

  • feels ‘foggy’

(3) Memory Function (failure to answer ANY of the following correctly) -

  • “What ground are we at?”

  • “Which half is it?”

  • “What is the current score?”

  • “Who did you play last week?”

  • “What was last week’s score?”


ANY ATHLETE WITH A SUSPECTED CONCUSSION should be IMMEDIATELY REMOVED FROM PLAY, and should NOT be returned to activity until assessed by a medical doctor. They should NOT be left alone or allowed to drive a vehicle until medically cleared by a doctor.

(4) Red Flags -

If ANY of the following are reported then the player should be removed from the field unless appropriate medical assessment is on hand in the form of a qualified medical practitioner. If no medical practitioner is available, then consider transporting by ambulance for assessment after removal from the field of play.

  • neck pain

  • confusion or irritability

  • vomiting

  • seizure / convulsion

  • weakness/tingling/burning of arm(s)

  • deteriorating conscious state

  • severe or increasing headache

  • behaviour change

  • double vision

(5) Remember -

If NO medical practitioner is present:

  • do not move the player’s neck if unconscious or groggy

  • turn the player into recovery position whilst supporting neck until appropriate help arrives

  • if player unconscious, do NOT move the player from the field until medical supervision arrives.


Dr. Clayton Brown

Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgeon



Defaults & Postponements

If for any reason ie. illness, injury etc your squad is unable to field a team for the weekend game, please let the Club know as soon as possible at hq@bayolympic.co.nz so we can notify NRF and the opposition Club. Up until midday Friday we may be able to arrange a postponement for the game to be played at a later date, after midday the game will likely be classified as a default.